R. J. Motichand Trans Ltd.



R. J. Motichand Trans Ltd. will provide your business with a landmark, yet highly realistic solution that offers reliable transport and service levels to current and prospective clients satisfying both short-term and long-term needs of your business.

Our aim is to decrease the use of other expensive transport modes and increase the functionality of reliable transport, creating efficiencies and reducing cost for our clients. We achieve this by delivering a consistently trustworthy service, not only being advantageous to you but also your clients.
We commit to create a long-term service partnership that will deliver immediate benefits.

About our Company
Currently, the company has a fleet of 60 trucks operating locally, regionally and internationally. Our fleet consists of Scania and Howo, both tractor and pulling trucks, all of which are in excellent condition, as we value the importance of safe and efficient deliveries. The company’s fleet includes the latest trucking and trailer equipment – kept in pristine condition, professionally cleaned and mechanically serviced regularly.
R.J. Motichand Trans Ltd. prides itself on quality representation, as we genuinely understand the expectations of corporate business. We believe in honest, reliable and excellent customer service, treating each customer and freight haul with the highest level of personal attention, professionalism and confidentiality.

Over the past years R.J. Motichand Trans has built an envied reputation for itself in this freight and logistics industry. We have dealt with transportation of ICD containers across the city. We have offered services to ICD’s like; AMI, DICD, ETC CARGO, JEFAG, and MOFED.

Apart from ICDs, We have also provided services to several large and small sized businesses such as: Bollore Africa, BNM, Camel Oil, DSM Corridor Group, Export Trading, Great Lakes Freight, M.M. Integrated Steel Mills, State Oil, these are few amongst others.

The primary elements we possess in providing a consistent healthy delivery solution include:
 Strength – 25 years history and financially strong
 Quality Culture – process and customer centric driven with transparent results.
 Current – structure and technology.
 Management Plan – expertise and experience.
 Adaptable – customized customer solutions based on understanding.

As with all customized solutions offered, R.J. Motichand Trans proposes to combine the above attributes to provide your business with the required express road transport and distribution solution. The overall goal of R.J. Motichand Trans lies in its subsystems (processes, departments, teams, employees, etc.) working together in an optimum fashion to achieve your business’ desired results.

Our Services
We provide hauling services for both corporate and small size firms, transporting goods locally and across borders. Our fleet consists of heavy duty trucks and trailers. Trucks have an engine capacity ranging between 320 hose powers and 420 hose powers, the highest in East African roads. Our trailers consist of Brand new Super Doll Fuel tankers and brand new flatbed trailers, suitable for carrying both loose and closed cargo. Vehicles weight carriage capacity range between 28 tons to 32 tons and for fuel 38,000 ltrs to 40,000 ltrs.

We transport:
 Local imports from Port to customers’ destination
 Imports to custom bonded warehouses
 ICD containers from Port to ICDs
 Transit containers from TPA/TICTS to neighboring country
 Loose cargo i.e. Iron rods, Iron coils, Fertilizer
 Fuel haulage both local and transit
 Export containers from client’s destination to Port (TICTS/ TPA).
You can be confident in us as a service solution that can be trusted and that will always deliver on promise. The company’s service is based on reliable communication, security, speed and accountability. We have established our reputation on the consistent provision of intact and on time delivery of all consignments entrusted to our care.